If you were to ask us what we wanted to do when we grew up, I am positive we would not have selected commercial kitchen hood cleaning. For that matter, I am pretty sure we did not even know there was such an industry.

Having said that, when it came time to think of what kind of business we wanted to open in San Diego and the surrounding area, we did our homework and came up with commercial exhaust hood cleaning. One night we were having dinner brainstorming in a restaurant and realized that restaurants were big business. A few of us had worked in restaurants in high school so we were familiar with commercial kitchens. We all agreed the last thing we wanted to do was to open a restaurant.

Since we did not have a bundle of money to open a business, we decided we would keep our current day jobs and, for a small investment, we could moonlight hood cleaning. This was the perfect idea as the majority of hood cleaning jobs are done late at night to early morning when the restaurant is closed.

How we Proceeded to Grow Our Business

In order to be a legitimate company, not only did we invest in the required equipment, we invested in training. Training was our number one imperative as we wanted to be sure we did the job right the first time, so the commercial kitchen owner/manager would want to have us come back time and again.

Whenever one of us would go out to eat, we would approach the owner/manager and ask them if they would like a bid on exhaust system hood cleaning. It was surprising how many positive responses we got. When we landed the job, we always kept the owner/manager in the loop by showing them their fatigued hinges and clogged filters. We also gave them some tips and tricks to keep their commercial kitchen exhaust system clean.

We kept extra supplies on our truck, so the restaurant did not have to wait days or perhaps weeks when there was replacement needed. As a result, our reputation started to grow as we got so busy we decided to expand by purchasing a couple of hood cleaning equipped trucks and a couple of us quit our day jobs (there are some restaurants who are closed at least one day a week who prefer their hood cleaning be done during the day).

Where we are Today

Today we are all full time in our hood cleaning company. We have expanded our business and have had to hire people to cover the hundreds of customers that count on us to clean their commercial exhaust systems.

We have also expanded our business to include:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Exhaust hinge and filter replacement
  • Commercial kitchen equipment cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Commercial kitchen cleaning (not just the equipment – we do walls, floors and more
  • Commercial kitchen fire prevention services

We always stay in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association 96 fire code standard. This ensures our clients are confident when an unexpected health inspector walks through the door. They proudly display the certification we give them in their kitchen as evidence they are doing their due diligence in keeping their commercial kitchen safe from fire and contaminates.

So here we are living the dream in San Diego. The weather is amazing and so is the surf! Call us today for an in-person quote and don’t forget to ask us for references. Contact Us if you need more information

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