Exhaust Fan Hinges Installation
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Exhaust fan installation is important

Exhaust fan hinges can be a recurring problem for restaurant kitchens. In California, the fire codes (NFPA 96) require exhaust fans to be hinged. Seems like kind of a silly requirement, but something as simple as a hinge can save your butt (and your restaurant's butt too).

An exhaust fan without hinges presents many hazards, as it can become very easily damaged, especially during a cleaning or maintenance call. A damaged exhaust fan can be a fire hazard because it well be less effective in properly filtering out pollutants. This can also cause the fan to become off balance.

An unbalanced exhaust fan will rattle and make an off sound. Be sure to make yourself familiar with the sound of your system so that you can easily identify what's normal and what's not. A malfunctioning exhaust fan can result in fire or very costly electrical damage.

If you were to take an unhinged fan off for a cleaning, it could be damaged by simply setting it down. They are made of super malleable material and therefore very easy to damage. When hinges are installed, this allows us to simply tip back the cover and maintain or clean things adequately. It's not only convenient, but safe.

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