Hood Cleaning Service for Commercial Kitchens in San Diego

San Diego Hood Cleaning Pros strives to perform the highest quality commercial kitchen hood cleaning service in San Diego, California. Our team of professionals is trained, licensed and bonded in commercial exhaust cleaning. Commercial kitchens include (but are not limited to):

• Schools
• Restaurants
• Senior Living Communities
• Food Trucks
• Hotels
• Day Camps
• Cafeterias

Trained, Certified, And Using NFPA Standards

Using the National Fire Protection (NFPA) 96 fire codes, San Diego Hood Cleaning Pros know the in’s and out’s of the codes to keep your restaurant in compliance. Many of our clients schedule us to come out and do hood cleaning at least once a quarter (the NFPA 96 fire code gives more specific requirements depending on the type of fuel your kitchen uses).

As a restaurant owner or manager, you need to be aware that hood cleaning should not be done by an employee. While the employee may have the best intentions on getting the job done, they have not been trained by a professional and may not get the job done right.

Our team of professionals at San Diego Hood Cleaning Pros not only perform a thorough cleaning, but they will also inspect the hinges and filters to be sure they are not breaking down. They also keep new hinges and filters in their trucks for quick replacement if needed.

Our Team of Hood Cleaning Professionals Won’t Leave You in the Dark

San Diego Hood Cleaning Pros can come onsite to your restaurant to inspect your commercial exhaust system. They will inspect the system inside and outside of the building looking for signs of grease build up. Their inspection includes the hinges, filters and grease traps.

If an exhaust hood system is not properly cleaned, grease can build up and create a fire hazard. Keep in mind a normal cleaning does not get into the nooks and crannies of the commercial kitchen equipment. If you are experiencing some of the following in your kitchen, call us right away:

• There is a strong greasy odor coming from the duct or hood
• There may be dents in the hood system
• The roof shows signs of grease build-up
• Do you hear a rattling noise when the exhaust system is on?
• You just purchased the restaurant and there is no documentation of when the exhaust system had a professional hood cleaning done

We do More Than Hood Cleaning

San Diego Hood Cleaning Pros can provide your commercial kitchen more than just exhaust hood cleaning. Our professionals are trained in pressure washing, restaurant equipment cleaning and polishing and steam washing.

Because grease can is airborne in smoke, the grease can seep into the smallest of spaces. Grease buildup is not only a fire hazard, it can also become an area of contamination. Rodents and bugs can get into these hard to reach places. Rodents will leave droppings and bugs will not only leave droppings, but they will also leave their eggs there to hatch.

Because rodents and bugs are nocturnal, they come out after your restaurant closes and walk all over the place. This can cause contamination not only on your food preparation area but can contaminate cooking areas and pans.

Check out our 'About Page' for more information or our 'Contact Page' for all ways to start chatting with us. We look forward to talking with you and hope to be your new hood cleaning company!